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Social Impact Studies Sought for Teaching Purposes

Prof. Sango Mahanty, a colleague of IAIA member Sara Bice, teaches a graduate-level course on social impact assessment at The Australian National University Crawford School of Public Policy. Sango has recently been updating her course material in order to provide the students with the very best/current information. She is looking for “living” case studies and reports, in particular, documents that address one or more of the following:

  1. Safeguards related to involuntary resettlement.
  2. Safeguards related to indigenous peoples.
  3. Major infrastructure developments (e.g., dams, railways, roads)
  4. Natural resource use/management (e.g., forestry, fisheries, conservation, agriculture, extractive industries)
  5. Health
  6. Urban planning
  7. New technologies
  8. Gendered impacts
  9. Cumulative impacts/Strategic environmental assessments

The studies may have been conducted ahead of the intervention, during or after it, or may even be a set of documents that covers all of these. Ideally the reports will be from within the last decade or so. If you are aware of, or have access to, any documents fitting this description, please contact Sango Mahanty at sango.mahanty@anu.edu.au. Sango will share the library with all contributors. ˗ Submitted by Sara Bice